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Conservatives descend into civil war, farce ensues.

I’ve just received a press release from Conservatives Grassroots which contains the following: 

Following National Convention member Paul Swaddle’s letter of support to the Prime Minister, senior members of the Conservative Party are currently canvassing members to send another letter of support in the space of a week.

Miles Windsor, Chairman of the group, has given this marvelous quote:

“Using Party networks to get a small group of one’s own supporters to publicly write to each other every few days in reassurance, rather than investigating slander of party members by senior staff, is a sign of terminal collapse.”

I couldn’t agree more. 

The party has been groaning under the strain of holding so many vastly opposing factions together for some time now. I’m sure I’m not the only one who expected some sort of split to result, a la the Peelites peeling off. But what is becoming increasingly clear is that this has, in fact, already happened. Without show, or drama, or any great theatre, the party has already split.

The other half is now called UKIP.